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Primates tend to have all sorts of interesting facial and sometimes even shoulder hair, so humans are not odd in this regard, says anatomist Professor Ian Gibbins from Flinders University.

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Poldark Once every few years, an item of clothing or grooming style long written off by the world makes an inexplicable and almighty comeback.

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June 5, am Credit: Getty Nothing screams 'all man' quite like a hairy chest.

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Different from the head hair it is therefore a secondary sexual characteristic.

Being a hairy man isn't so bad, research shows.

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We would like to send special thanks to the hairy fairy Godmother for giving guys such lovely furry chests for us.

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A hairy chest signals higher intelligence in a man, research finds.

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The distant sound of the exhaust fan from above the stove.

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Just don't choose the church wedding for me because I won't be there.

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